Do you want to get a customer experience that is better than your competitors, but aren’t sure where to start?

If so, 8×8 contact center software might be the answer for you. This technology is gaining traction in businesses across industries and continents because of its unique features and benefits. As a customer-centric organization looking to gain an edge over your competition, we recommend incorporating it into your daily operations. But before diving headfirst into this modern technology, let’s find out what it is and how it can help you.

What is 8×8 Contact Center Software?

8×8 software is a call center solution with built-in workforce optimization features, which makes it an ideal choice for customer service organizations looking to improve customer experience and drive business growth. It offers three complete call center plans as part of its xCaaS series – The X6 plan, the X7 plan, and the X8 plan, with prices ranging from $85.00/user/month to $140.00/user/month. In addition to call routing and management features, 8×8 contact center software enables agents to track and manage customer interactions through call tracking, follow-ups, chatbots, and custom scripts. Furthermore, it gathers customer data from various channels used such as websites, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and app usage and compiles it into a single customer profile. This enables customer service teams to identify customer habits, preferences, and needs better and improve their customer service delivery. Ultimately, 8×8 software provides a complete call center solution that helps customer service organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Benefits of 8×8 Contact Center Software

8×8 Contact Center software offers benefits such as easy-to-use deployments, superior customer experience, and intuitive user interface. It provides an integration with Teleoptics for workforce management capabilities. This includes tracking employee performance and managing a multi-channel customer service environment. Digital channels used in contact centers make data collection easier and more effective. 8×8 Contact Center includes three complete contact center plans (X6, X7, and X8) with pricing beginning at $85/user/month. The software provides enhanced customer profiling capabilities to help organizations understand customer behaviors and preferences. With this information, they can tailor the customer experience to be consistent across multiple touchpoints. Overall, 8×8 Contact Center enables customers to self-serve, which decreases wait times and reduces costs.

How to Get Started with 8×8 Contact Center Software

If you’re looking to get started with 8×8 call center software, there are a few things you should consider. The software is an end-to-end call center solution with in-built workforce optimization features. These features help organizations manage customer calls more efficiently and effectively.

The software integrates with Teleoptics for workforce management capabilities. This means that organizations can track the performance of their employees and adjust their call center strategy accordingly.

8×8 Contact Center software was acquired by 8×8 when they bought Contactual. With this experience, the company has developed some of the best call center software available in the market today. Hence, it provides organizations with a complete call center solution to manage customer calls in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

To get started with 8×8 call center software, users must sign up for an account with 8×8 and follow the setup instructions. Once the setup is complete, users can start using 8×8 call center software to manage customer calls.

Tips for Optimizing Your 8×8 Contact Center Software

8×8 contact center software offers a wealth of benefits for organizations looking to improve customer service and customer experience, but it can be difficult to get the most out of it. To optimize customer experiences with 8×8 contact center analytics, focus on gaining visibility and capturing insights into customer behavior. Use AI-powered assistance to provide customers with the help they need and improve their experience with Dialpad Contact Center. Involve current customers in new developments to keep them engaged and invested in your organization. Monitor critical performance metrics and receive notifications of key trends to ensure your contact center is running smoothly and efficiently. Last, utilize workforce optimization features to effectively manage and monitor contact centers and optimize customer service for all customers



It is essential to use contact center software that suits your business needs and goals. There are a number of contact center solutions available in the market today, but picking the right one for your organization depends on various factors such as size of customer base, volume call flows, service offerings, and industry norms. If you are looking to upgrade your call center software or if you have a contact center solution in place that is not working as efficiently as it should, contact us today. We can help you design a successful call center solution that works for your organization.