A call center is a business process that helps customers with customer service needs. They are often staffed by customer service agents who handle customer inquiries and complaints. In order to stay afloat in a competitive market, call center software is a must-have tool for any small business. With so many software options available, it can be daunting to settle on the best solution for your business. To make the decision easier, read on for our top 11 call center software for small business needs. From chatbots to voice response systems, these software solutions have been carefully selected to suit small business needs. We have also included a brief overview of each solution, highlighting key features and benefits. Finally, we have provided a list of resources that will help you get started using call center software in your business. So whether you are looking for a solution to improve customer service or just need a software solution to manage your phone calls, this article is for you. Thank you for reading!

Top 11 call center software for small business needs

– call center software for small business is a cloud-based platform dedicated to providing customer support via phone calls

– call center software can improve agent productivity and reduce costs through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation

– call center software options include a range of features, including chatbots, voice analytics, IVRs, customer databases, workflow management, and more

– Five9’s contact center software is fast, reliable, affordable, and easy to use

– best call center software options are available in 2023 with features like omnichannel communications, call routing, IVR, and analytics

– a call center software framework can help your business to scale without needing costly outlay on hardware or software assets

– a call center software solution can help business to efficiently manage customer support calls in real time

– a call center software framework can help business to optimize customer experience and response time with a single solution.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is a cloud-based call center software that offers a range of features to help small businesses save time and money. With Nextiva, small business can save time and money by doing away with the need for a call center in-house, while still enjoying the benefits of a professional voice solution. Nextiva provides a combination of basic and advanced call center features with no setup fees or service-level agreements. This allows small business to tailor the solution to their specific needs without having to worry about overpaying or missing out on critical features.

The software supports inbound and outbound calling campaigns, voice, chat, video, SMS, and email support with an easy call management interface. It also supports voice-based customer service as well as live chat support. Plus, it offers automated call routing and call distribution to ensure calls are answered quickly and efficiently. Overall, Nextiva is a cost-effective solution for small business looking for a professional voice solution without having to invest in an in-house call center.

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based contact center software for teams of all sizes. It has a free trial that allows users to experience the software with limited functionality. The basic plan starts at $15 per user per month. With Freshdesk, teams can quickly and easily manage multiple contact centers from a single interface, allowing them to save time and money.

It offers integration with leading business applications like Salesforce, Gmail, and Google Analytics, allowing users to capture customer data in real-time and take action quickly. It also supports routing calls between contact centers and business processes seamlessly, which saves time and money.

Freshdesk has a proven track record of working with small businesses, non-profits, large enterprises, public administrations, and freelancers. It is a powerful solution for managing multiple contact centers from a single interface. Overall, Freshdesk is a reliable solution for small business needs including customer support and sales call routing.

3. Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk is a call center software that is popular among small businesses for its ease of use and versatility. It offers a range of features that help businesses improve customer experience and support business goals in a variety of industries. One of the best parts about Zendesk Talk is the self-service feature, which allows customers to interact with a business over the phone without having to contact a customer service desk. With this software, small business owners can help provide quality customer service quickly and efficiently.

Zendesk Talk also provides analytics that help small businesses understand their call center performance. This software offers a solution based on call center type and business size, so it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of small business operations. In addition, it offers a wide range of integrations with popular third-party services like Oracle, Slack, Gmail, and IBM Watson Speech to Text-diving into chatbots and voice-based applications for customer service. Overall, Zendesk Talk is a useful call-center software for small business owners who want to improve customer experience and support business goals.

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based help desk solution from Zoho Corporation, catering to small business with its help desk software. The software allows businesses to support their customers in a variety of ways, including via email and chat support, social media support, live chat support, web-based forms, and phone support.

The solution offers a range of features to simplify customer support, such as call logging and call reports that allow users to track agent interactions in real-time. It also includes call-to-ticket conversion functionality that allows agents to automatically route customer support requests directly to the appropriate team. With Zoho Desk Professional, small business can staff up quickly and easily with agents already trained to handle customer service queries. In addition to call center software options, small business may also want to consider other help desk software solutions if they’re looking for a more comprehensive solution.

5. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a call center software solution that provides automated dialing, customer service routing, and IVR services. It allows small business to manage their customer service operations effectively and efficiently. It has a number of features that help with this, including built-in support for various CRM software such as Salesforce and Google Sheets. Additionally, CloudTalk works with other call center software platforms, allowing it to work with a variety of help desk software and call routing software. The cloud-based solution also integrates with various email and chat interface software, allowing small business to complete customer service tasks quickly and easily.

CloudTalk offers multiple pricing options, allowing small business to find a plan that best suits their needs. It also has a custom enterprise solution that allows users to tailor the software to their business needs and requirements. These plans provide a range of functionality at a reasonable price point. Besides, CloudTalk is used by companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and government, globally. This makes it a reliable call center solution for small business in any context.

6. 8×8 Contact Center

8×8 Contact Center is a contact center software that is designed for small business. The software provides an easy-to-use interface and a variety of call handling features, including live chat, voice mail, and call forwarding. 8×8 Contact Center is suitable for businesses that need a simple and efficient contact center solution. It can help streamline business operations and save time and money by reducing the effort involved in routing calls and automating call flows.

7. Voiptime Cloud

Voiptime cloud-based call center software is a solution that small business owners can use to support customer interactions through phone calls. The software features inbound and outbound calls, SMS messaging, customer database, and text-to-speech functionality. It also supports integration with salesforce sales cloud, wordpress, shopify, and microsoft 365.

The best call center software options available today include VoIP service, free VoIP phone service, VoIP cell phone service, conference calling services, business cell phone plans, and interactive voice response (IVR). These tools help small business owners quickly support customer interactions and reduce costs while improving customer experience.

It is important for small business owners to have a solution that allows them to support customer interactions efficiently and cost-effectively. Call center software for small businesses can help ensure that customer support functions are running smoothly and help improve customer satisfaction.

8. Dialpad

Dialpad is a call center software solution that small business owners can use to automate customer service and improve efficiency. It has a variety of features such as SMS messaging, customer database, text-to-speech software, workflow management, and salesforce integration. Its salesforce integration allows agents to access salesforce automation tools and interface with customers in a more streamlined way.

Dialpad is free for small businesses to trial and includes pricing models such as free trial, one-time license, and subscription. This software is best suited for larger enterprises due to its omnichannel capabilities and support for voice, digital, and social media channels. Overall Dialpad is a powerful call center software solution ideal for small business owners looking to improve customer service efficiency and reduce costs.

9. Five9

Five9 is a call center software solution that offers a wide range of features to help businesses manage and improve customer service. From email analytics to chat support and voice analytics, Five9 has the tools business need to ensure customer satisfaction and increase business growth. The software is free for trial, so business can test out the features to see how it would fit in their operation. It also has a free cloud-based call center software solution that allows customers to start using the software immediately without having to pay a subscription fee. There are many software options available, so business can find one that best suits their needs and business workflow.

10. RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral Contact Center – Call center software for small business is a cloud-based platform dedicated to providing customer support via phone calls. It features call center software-enabled features such as inbound and outbound calls, SMS messaging, customer database, text-to-speech capabilities, workflow management, and integration with sales software such as Salesforce Sales Cloud or Microsoft Office 365.

Companies like Five9 offer call center software for small business in a variety of pricing options to best suit the needs of small business owners. With call center software for small business, customer support can be improved while reducing costs and improving efficiency. The best solution depends on the business goals and unique needs of the organization.

11. Avaya Contact Center

– Call center software for small business is a cloud-based platform dedicated to providing customer support via phone calls

– These tools use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to handle repetitive tasks and offer self-service channels to customers

– Most software provides inbound and outbound call capabilities and can integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud, WordPress, Shopify, or Microsoft 365

– It’s best to choose software that meets the business needs and requirements of a small business

– Five9 contact center is a popular solution for small businesses looking for a reliable call center software solution. It offers queue management, analytics, call routing, reporting, chat support, email integration, analytics, email marketing support, voice recording support, voice analytics support, transcription service, analytics support, self-service support, web chat support, sales support and more.

3 key benefits of using call center software in a small business

– An effective call center software solution can help small businesses improve their customer service experience and customer experience satisfaction. A call center software solution can help a business manage call center activities efficiently, reduce response time, and increase customer satisfaction.

– A call center software solution can also help agents collaborate more effectively to resolve customer inquiries faster and more accurately.

– Finally, a call center software solution can help small business better understand customer needs and evolve their customer service experience as per customer demands.

These benefits make call center software a must-have for small business today.

1. Lower costs

Callback software can help small businesses reduce call center costs by replacing traditional phone lines with voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP). With callback software, a business can place calls from anywhere, such as from a desk phone or a phone app, instead of only from a phone line. This lowers the cost of call center software. Additionally, call center software typically costs between $150 per user per month and $300 per user per month. However, there are certain services that offer discounts for payment upfront or per hour.

Some call center software packages include a basic plan at a reduced price. Basic call center software typically ranges in price between $30 and $50 per user per month. In addition to call center software, small business may also benefit from cloud-based services that allow payment per hour instead of a monthly fee. For example, seasonal businesses may benefit from cloud-based call center software that allows them to make calls based on a fixed pricing schedule rather than paying a set amount every month.

2. Improved security

Call center software can help small businesses improve their security. It allows businesses to use voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, which eliminates the need for hardware. Cloud-based call center services allow business to use VoIP, which significantly reduces the risk of a call center solution being compromised through a phone line. With call center software, business can monitor calls in real time and ensure quality.

Finding the right call center service for a small business is essential to ensure security and quality. Call center solutions usually encrypt data in the cloud with a backup for added security. Overall, call center software is a critical solution for small businesses seeking to improve their call management and customer service capabilities.

3. Multi-channel support

In a small business, call center software can help streamline customer support operations. It allows agents to chat with customers via a chat interface and access customer information in a customer database. This software can help small businesses save costs through automation and management of customer interactions. It also makes it easier for business owners to track customer interactions and prioritize support efforts.

One of the key advantages of call center software is that it offers a variety of pricing models, from open-source software free trial to subscription-based options. It also reduces the need for hardware by allowing agents to access customer data from a customer database. These features make call center software a cost-effective solution for small business customer support operations.

Wrap up

– Avaya, Genesys, and Five9 are some of the call center software solutions that small businesses can consider. These software solutions come with features such as call recording, call routing based on customer data, and integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. As a small business owner, you can choose a solution that best fits your business needs and budget. Some of the popular solutions include RingCentral, Zendesk Talk, Freshcaller, Genesys Cloud, and Twilio Flex. These software solutions offer features such as omnichannel communications support, call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), analytics, and more. This will help your business better manage customer calls and provide a positive customer experience.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Call Center Quality Assurance

When it comes to call center quality assurance, software can be a great help. It can help call center agents analyze customer interactions and agent performance, track call lengths, and quickly resolve customer queries. Additionally, call center software can support self-service channels for customer queries that free up agents’ time. Overall, software can help call center agents improve customer service by providing them with analytics and allowing customers to resolve basic questions on their own. To further improve customer experience, it is vital to invest in cloud-based call center software that offers a range of call center features in addition to call center-specific functions like inbound calls and outbound calls. This allows call center agents to focus on interacting with customers and reducing customer interface time.


In order to ensure a high-quality customer experience, it’s crucial for call center agents to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as response times and sales metrics. Call center software can help with this by providing real-time access to data about a particular call center or business. It allows agents to easily view metrics such as caller count and queue length, making it easier for them to quickly address customer issues and improve service quality. By monitoring KPIs, call center agents can ensure that they are delivering the best possible service to their customers.

Call Center Process Flow Charts: Templates for All Types

Software help businesses manage their calls efficiently and save time. Call center software can automate processes such as routing calls, collecting caller information, triggering pre-recorded FAQs, and transferring calls to other channels. It saves business from having to manually handle call center activities such as recording responses, routing calls to the right team, and transferring calls between departments.

It can also help companies standardize their call handling process and ensure that their team follows best practices. Live Agent is a cloud-based call center solution that offers features such as automated routing, assignment management, screen-sharing, ticket management, and collaboration tools. So it’s a great solution for companies looking for a cloud-based call center solution that offers automation and customer support in a self-service manner.

By using call center software to manage customer interactions, businesses are able to focus on their core business operations while reducing costs associated with call center operations.

Are BPOs ‘flying blind’ when it comes to understanding employee productivity?

BPOs are facing a unique challenge in today’s business environment. With business-based applications rapidly evolving, call center agents need to keep up with the changing demands of customer service. However, call center software can help agents become more productive and reduce the need for hardware, increasing cost savings.

By tracking and reporting on performance metrics such as call quality and customer satisfaction levels, call center software helps managers monitor agent performance and ensure that customer service is delivered in a timely and consistent manner. This software also comes with features such as chat support and social media integration that enable agents to handle customer questions quickly and efficiently. As a result, BPOs can save both time and money while delivering superior customer service.

Time Doctor launches definitive ranking and comparison tool for global BPOs in…

Time Doctor has recently released a new tool that compares call center software features among global BPOs. The comparison and ranking tool allows users to quickly and easily compare call center software features such as SMS messaging, customer databases, and text-to-speech capabilities. In addition to providing a thorough overview of call center software features, the tool can help business decision-makers better understand the best software solution for their business needs. The comparison and ranking tool provides call center analytics that help managers measure customer satisfaction, total resolution time, and more, allowing them to make informed business decisions regarding customer service quality.

This free resource allows users to easily identify the best call center software solution for their business needs.

3 smart call center optimization strategies (+ helpful tools)

Call center software can help small business achieve a number of goals, from reducing hardware needs and costs to optimizing call center performance. Customer relationship management software can help organizations better organize customer data and increase customer satisfaction. Software such as call center automation tools can help reduce the time it takes to service a customer. Analytics tools can help businesses track customer interactions and monitor employee performance. Free trial and subscription-based call center software allow you to find the best software for your business in a matter of minutes. By using call center software, small businesses can save time and money while improving customer service.

The comprehensive guide to call center reporting & analytics

Call center analytics help call center managers and agents identify where they can improve. By reporting on various metrics such as customer effort score, customer resolution time, and average handle time, call center analytics help call center teams ensure that they are offering the best service to their customers. In addition to this, software for call center management can support a business in many ways, from customer database to workflow management to text-to-speech functionality. There are a variety of options available for small business, from free software to subscription-based services. This allows businesses to find the best solution for their call center needs without breaking the budget.

How the outsourcing industry is transitioning to remote work

Outsourcing call center software can help companies reduce costs while increasing business efficiency. By offering a range of remote work options, cloud-based call center software allows call center employees to perform their jobs from anywhere in the world, regardless of hardware or location. This helps businesses save on the cost of physical phones and other hardware, and enable them to outsource call center operations without sacrificing quality or customer service. As a result, call center software can help companies stay competitive in a rapidly- changing business climate.

Today, cloud-based call center software features a wide range of automation solutions that can support remote work scenarios. These software solutions typically allow call center employees to move quickly from one resolved case to the next without downtime, which increases productivity and efficiency. Overall, cloud-based call center software is a cost-effective solution that allows businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly-changing business environment.

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A BPO call center is a business service that provides call center functions to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). This service allows businesses to hire support staff from anywhere in the world and engage with customers in a virtual contact center. A BPO call center software can help improve customer experience by providing support automation, analytics, quality assurance, and other tools.

Call center software can help a business save time and money by automating tasks such as call routing and routing management. It also helps teams communicate with customers or prospects at scale, saving time and resources for business-critical activities.


Call center software can help small business with a variety of benefits, including reducing the need for hardware and integrating with popular services such as Salesforce. The cost of call center software can vary greatly depending on the features and service offered by the software provider. Some call center software providers offer a free trial period, providing enough time to test out the software before committing to a longer-term subscription. Freshdesk Contact Center is a popular solution used by small businesses across a range of industries and has a unique pricing model that allows companies in seasonal industries to save money while they are not making sales. Call center software enables small business owners to save money, reduce support overhead, and improve customer service by automating repetitive tasks and processes.


Calling center software can help small businesses reduce the costs and complexity involved in support operations. It is a crucial tool for small businesses that need a support team to help customers with a range of issues, from customer service concerns to sales support. With call center software, a business can easily manage calls and chat with customers online from a single interface, reducing the need for hardware and increasing customer support capabilities.

Call center software cost varies significantly from provider to provider, but most packages typically range from $150 to $250 per user per month. There are many call center software options available for small business owners to choose from, so it is important to do thorough research before making a decision. Popular call center software for small business include PhoneBurner, ChaseData, Kixie PowerCall, CallTools, and more.

What Can You Do With Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a time management software solution that can help small business owners effectively manage their time more efficiently. It can help small business owners set goals and track their progress in achieving them. With Time Doctor, business owners can create powerful reports to help them make better business decisions based on their results. Additionally, Time Doctor provides a variety of features to help business owners work smarter, not harder. These features include a chat interface for instant chat with team members and a chat room for interactive discussions. Overall, Time Doctor is a great choice for small businesses that want to improve their productivity and efficiency.


When call center software solution companies talk about customer experience, they are referring to a customer-centric approach. The call center software solution is a system that enables call center agents to support customer queries and support calls in a structured manner. It helps in improving customer service experience and satisfaction and also reduces the call center agents’ workloads. Call center software solution companies help small business in a number of ways including automation, self-service, routing, workflow management, contact center support, team collaboration, analytics, voice-based recording solution and more. If you want to learn how call center software solution can help your business in improving customer service experience and satisfaction through self-service portals and automated support systems, contact us today for a free consultation!