In 2021, around 250,000 new home batteries will be installed in European households. That is twice as many as in 2020, and with an expected further increase, we will reach one million home batteries in Europe this year.

SolarPower Europe has published a research report that shows this. Germany in particular has contributed a lot to the growth, with 150,000 new home batteries in 2021 (1.3 GWh). That is more than the number of home batteries installed throughout Europe in 2020.

Italy is number two, with 31,100 new home batteries. That is a lot less than Germany, but more than three times as many as in 2020. Austria is third, with about 13,000 installations; also tripled from the previous year.

The Netherlands contributed surprisingly little. We are in the lead with the number of solar panels per inhabitant, but home batteries are not yet very popular here. SolarPower Europe thinks this is mainly due to our net metering scheme, which makes feeding energy even more attractive than storing it.

This net metering scheme will be phased out from 2025, which will probably result in a significant increase in the number of installed home batteries. Research by Zonneplan has already shown that the Dutch are quite interested in such a home battery, as long as it pays for itself quickly .