I would like to share with you the following extract from the book” Mind Power Into The 21st Century” by John Kehoe:

“The beginning step to a new and more successful life is absurdly easy. You have only to pay attention to the flow of thoughts inside your mind and direct it accordingly. Your life is entirely of your own making, so look at the way you are living. You claim you want financial abundance, yet you are constantly bemoaning your lack of money and how expensive things are. You dwell on what you don’t have and the bills coming in. You worry and wonder how you will get along. You may want financial abundance, but because your consciousness is of lack and worry, you will never experience that abundance.

Or maybe you wish you could find a new job, something interesting and challenging that would use your creativity and pay you well. If you constantly tell yourself these jobs are impossible to find, that it will never happen, it is very unlikely it ever will happen.

Perhaps you wish you could be a more outgoing individ- ual, bold and spontaneous, full of assurance and confidence, yet if you constantly focus on your inferiorities and inade- quacies and put yourself down, reminding yourself again and again of your problems, you are not likely to become that

type of person. You maywant strength, but if your consciousness is of weakness, you are fooling yourself to think you will ever possess that strength.

In short, wanting something badly will not make it happen. Hoping for something different will have no effect. Simply working hard, even if it’s twelve to fifteen hours a day, is not enough. You will always remain where you are unless—and it’s a big unless—you change your thinking.

“To them that hath … more shall be given. To them that hath not, even what little they have will be taken away.”

—Luke 19:26

When I first read this quote I didn’t think it was fair. It didn’t seem fair that “them that had” would get more and “them that had not” would lose what little they had. It just didn’t seem right. I thought it would be more just if “them that had not” were given more, but that is not what the Scripture says. This, according to the Bible, is not the way the universe works. But then, upon reflection, I realized that it was indeed fair. In fact what could be more fair than every person’s freedom to choose for himself or herself thoughts which will, in turn, create their reality? There is great fair- ness in the complete freedom to determine the quality of

one’s life.

Want to change your circumstances? Develop the necessary consciousness. A successful person has a success consciousness. A wealthy person has developed a prosperity consciousness, and his thoughts are on abundance, success and prosperity. This is howhe thinks.

“Easy for him,” you say. “When you’re successful it’s easy to think success, and when you’re wealthy it’s easy to think prosperity, but my situation is totally different. I’m not successful; I’m not wealthy. The situations and circumstances of my life keep me down.”

WRONG! Dead wrong. Your circumstances and situations never keep you down. The only things that keep you down and keep you stuck are your thoughts. With work and practice you can learn to direct your thoughts and create any consciousness you choose. Your reality will change onlyafter you’ve developed your new consciousness, not before.the new consciousness must come first.

What is it that you want in your life? Do you know? More health? Then get health consciousness. More power? Then get power consciousness. More prosperity? Get prosperity con- sciousness. More happiness? Get happiness consciousness. More spirituality? Get spiritual consciousness. Everything exists as a possibility. All that’s required is for you to feed in the necessary energy until your objective becomes yours.

How reassuring it is to think that no matter what a person’s past or present situation, no matter how many times he or she has previously failed, if that person would but regularly feed his or her consciousness, his or her situation would change! This remarkable ability has been given to each and every one of us to use or to ignore. It costs no money. It takes no special talent. It takes only the decision on your part to take the time and put forth the necessary effort to develop the appropriate consciousness. That’s all! Everything else will automatically fall into place.

Your mind is like a garden which can be cultivated or neglected, and you are its master gardener. You can cultivate this garden, or you can ignore it and let it develop whatever way it will. But make no mistake: you will reap the harvest of your work or your neglect!”