Jiaxing Tongxiang mortgage loan: 187-6191-9025 Mr. Yang, specializing in real estate mortgage loans from banks, institutions and private funds, the bank mortgage interest is more than three miles, the institutional mortgage is 7-9 miles, and the private mortgage is more than one cent. You can call for details, the cost can be negotiated, and we will serve you wholeheartedly! Mortgage houses can handle secondary mortgages, can be refinanced, etc.

If you have a house in Tongxiang, you can get a loan!

Mortgage loan with Tongxiang house and housing certificate. Main business: commercial housing property mortgage loan for studying abroad, small property right house mortgage capital revolving loan, suitable for housing mortgage study abroad loan and other borrowing companies. Professionally handle Tongxiang existing house mortgage loan. Corporate loan, business loan , Mortgage house secondary mortgage, unsecured loan, business loan, repayment due, revolving loan service, etc. Help Tongxiang small, medium and micro enterprises and individuals solve the problem of borrowing.

Commercial and residential real estate business activity loans, commercial and residential dual-use existing house mortgage large-value loans, corporate housing mortgage large-value shopping loans, mortgage commercial and residential housing large-value consumption loans, self-built house purchase contracts mortgage large-value loans, etc. Tongxiang borrowing funds are required In addition to the above, it is necessary to prepare a loan contract (tripartite contract/upstream and downstream contract), etc., before applying for Tongxiang real estate borrowing, make a plan, according to your own According to the requirements, conditions, credit information, real estate, etc., make a real estate borrowing plan, choose a borrowing bank, and prepare documents according to the bank’s requirements.

Information required by Tongxiang Real Estate Borrowing Bank:

1. Basically, the basic personal proof materials (ID card, real estate certificate, marriage certificate, household registration book, business license, plus bank flow)

2. Other information required by the borrowing bank

Mortgage self-built real estate capital revolving loan, house mortgage study abroad loan, commercial housing mortgage business loan, affordable housing mortgage capital revolving loan, mortgage affordable housing purchase contract student loan and other existing housing borrowing requirements:

1. The age requirements of existing houses in Tongxiang, different banks will have different requirements, but most of them will require mortgages to be within 15 years of age.

2. The borrowing amount for the existing house is required, the borrowing amount cannot be lower than the amount required by the bank, and the applicant must have a spare room or other assets.

3. The market value of the existing house is different from the general market value, and the evaluation price is based on the evaluation of the evaluator.

4. The borrower who mortgaged the existing house in Tongxiang, in 18~

Between the ages of 50.

5. The area of the mortgaged existing house needs to be more than 40 square meters.

Tongxiang housing loan service process:

1. Online consultation for large-amount consumption loans with corporate real estate mortgages, mortgage resettlement existing house business loans, large-amount loans with personal house mortgages, collective housing mortgage construction decoration loans, installment housing business loans and other housing loan conditions, procedures, materials, etc.

2. Choose a suitable loan bank and housing loan plan in Tongxiang

3. Sign the housing mortgage loan contract

4. Issuing loans

5. Acceptance and supervision of loan flow

6. Pay off your home loan on time

Mortgage the house to obtain the funds needed for production and operation, Tongxiang housing mortgage loan, mortgage commodity real estate study abroad loan, applicable existing house mortgage education loan, mortgage personal housing emergency loan, mortgage rural self-built housing study abroad loan, demolition and resettlement housing loan Waiting for the favor in all regions of the country, then how to handle the mortgage loan in Tongxiang? Welcome to inquire!

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