Harbin Auto Mortgage Loan 158-5152-2186 Manager Xiong, Harbin no mortgage car loan, no routine, professional car loan, interest 6-8.8 miles, up to 48 installments, the same day, no handling fee, the loan amount is as high as 10%, National licenses are available. Immediate family members can sign on their behalf. Real estate mortgage loans can be handled as bank or private funds

There are two types of auto loans: auto mortgage loans and non-auto mortgage loans. Auto Mortgage: The vehicle is handed over to the company for safekeeping. There is a car park dedicated to storing cars. There is a special person to take care of it 24 hours a day, and the vehicle is regularly fired and heated. No escort: Customers can choose to go through the formalities only at the company. The vehicle is still used by itself. They need to register the mortgage. The loan business is flexible and fast, and the amount can generally reach 70-80% of the assessment. Generally, the full procedure can be borrowed on the same day. Strict regulations for vehicle mortgage loans: a car in one person’s name, a full-value vehicle, a vehicle with complete procedures, and a vehicle within the probationary period.

There are two types of auto mortgage loans in Harbin:

1. Warrant 2. Ward the car.

Generally speaking, the advantages of the mortgage are as follows:

1. Long time, suitable for office workers.

2. Simple information, fast loan.

3. Credit investigation requirements are relatively loose.

Interest rate: 0.75-1 cent 28 per month.

Duration: 1-36 months.

Repayment method: equal principal and interest, first interest and then support.

Loan-to-value ratio: 7-80%.

Harbin auto mortgage loan process:

1. Prepare the data.

2. Vehicle inspection

3. Evaluation

4. Face to face

5. Vehicle Management Office.

6. Lending

Information required for a Harbin car mortgage loan:

1. Vehicle registration certificate.

2. Driver’s license

3. ID card

4. Receipt card

5. Car insurance

6. Spare key.

If you are in a hurry to ask for money and want to use your car as a mortgage, you must know more about the car before making a decision. Don’t be too hasty.