Apobank brings board from HSBC with stimulus potential

In terms of profile, the new board fits best into the department of Holger Wessling, who has denied negotiating a termination agreement. This could expand the quarrel in the board of Apobank.

NThe supervisory board has not yet resolved the dispute in the board of directors of the Apotheker- und Ärztebank. This increases the risk that the rift in the management of Germany’s largest cooperative bank will even widen. Because in the past week, the supervisory board has reportedly landed two new additions to the board of directors of Apobank. According to information from the FAZ, one is Thomas Runge, who has so far been the Chief Operating Officer responsible for business organization on the board of bank HSBC Germany.

    Runge did not comment on the request of the FAZ. The personal details are particularly piquant because Runge’s profile best suits the Finance and IT board department, for which Holger Wessling is currently responsible on the board of Apobank. However, as reported to the FAZ, Wessling denied that he was negotiating a termination agreement. On the other hand, the two board members Jenny Friese and Eckhard Lüdering are about to drop out of their own accord – as reported, Friese is negotiating a termination agreement, Lüdering does not want to extend his contract. Both apparently do not agree with the course taken by Matthias Schellenberg, who took office in the spring.

    While it has been since the weekend’s FAZ reporting on the rift in the boardThere is no noteworthy communication from Apobank, the cooperative bank, which has a good 100,000 members, published half-year figures on Tuesday. Accordingly, it generated a surplus of 32.8 million euros in the first half of 2022, 4.2 million euros less than in the same period of the previous year. Schellenberg called the result “satisfactory” and held out the prospect of a higher surplus for 2022 as a whole than in 2021. Apobank will focus on its strengths – practice and pharmacy financing, asset management and provision for healthcare professionals. Schellenberg announced a “revised strategy agenda” by the end of the year. How the board will then look like is hardly foreseeable.

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