When you buy the Asus OLED notebook, you get a second notebook. (Image source: Asus)

If you are currently looking for a new notebook and happen to need a second, slightly cheaper notebook, then you should take a look at MediaMarkt now. There you can get a second VivoBook 14 for free with the strong Asus OLED notebook.

Buy an Asus notebook and get a second device at MediaMarkt for free

The “Red Friday Weekend” is currently running at MediaMarkt. There are many exciting offers there. One thing caught our eye, you get a second notebook for free when you buy an Asus OLED notebook. The Asus Zenbook 13 OLED with 13.3-inch display, Ryzen 5, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage costs only 699 euros anyway, which is the best price. MediaMarkt is adding a VivoBook 14 worth 319 euros free of charge. So you get the second device for free. All you have to do is go to the MediaMarkt product page and put both devices in the shopping cart ( see MediaMarkt ).

Instead of a total of 1,018 euros, you only pay 699 euros for two devices . MediaMarkt does not charge shipping costs, so you can have the two notebooks conveniently delivered to your home. The offer is of course very strong and it is valid while stocks last or until July 10, 2022.


For whom is the purchase of Asus notebooks worthwhile?

Asus Zenbook 13: Notebook with OLED display

Basically for everyone who happens to be looking for two notebooks. With the ASUS Zenbook 13 OLED you get a powerful model with lots of memory, which also has an OLED display that shows the colors much more intensively. With the 13.3-inch notebook, you can work perfectly on the go, have a long battery life and get a real premium device for little money.

The Asus VivoBook 14 is included for free. It is an entry-level notebook with a Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Perfect for office tasks, study or school if you don’t have high performance requirements. Here, MediaMarkt has put together a nice double pack that doesn’t cost much.