Pure hardware is not everything, in the long term you can also earn money with services. This is certainly also known at Synology. The C2 Backup has been around for a few years to back up NAS data, but now you can also back up files, folders or even entire installations to the cloud and restore them after a mishap.

What is new is that the whole thing has also been implemented for macOS. The whole thing is called C2 Backup for private users and is offered in three classic subscription levels. 2 TB costs just under 100 euros a year, starting with 500 GB is just under 35 euros. I’ve included the feature set here for you so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe quite nice as a “back of the head alternative” to Backblaze and other services. Let’s see when Synology shows SynologyDrive macOS software more affection. Selective downloads would be something – or on-demand sync .