Smartphone flagship is expected to appear internationally with Snapdragon SoC

Samsung will, of course, release new smartphone flagships in 2023: the Galaxy S23 are due at the beginning of next year. According to the market researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, known above all for his often correct predictions about new Apple products, there should be a paradigm shift. Accordingly, Samsung will no longer use Exynos SoCs for the S23. Instead, they only rely on the next generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon for the high-end smartphones.


It is said that the upcoming Exynos 2300 is already foreseeable technically too inferior to Qualcomm’s successor to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Qualcomm’s chip ranks as “SM8550” and will be produced at TSMC using the 4-nanometer process. So far, Samsung has equipped its Galaxy S flagships with Exynos SoCs in Europe, for example, and has used Snapdragon chips in the USA, for example. Since the performance gap and probably also the differences in efficiency will be too great, Samsung will probably only use Snapdragon chips, according to Kuo.

Of course, this information is currently still rumours. Samsung refrains from commenting on the subject. Since the Samsung Galaxy S23 will not be officially presented until the beginning of 2023, we are unlikely to receive any official confirmation this year. However, it is quite conceivable that Samsung would only rely on Snapdragon processors for the S23 and then possibly use its Exynos chips more in models for the upper middle class.