Video proves the existence of the smartphone

Image: LG

More than a year after the end of LG’s smartphone division, an amateur video has appeared showing the recently teased smartphone with a roll-out screen. Other manufacturers are also working on this technology, the development of which is apparently already quite advanced.

At CES 2021 in January, LG still showed the first teasers for a smartphone with a rollable display, but the big setback followed shortly afterwards: In April 2021, the manufacturer from South Korea announced that it was going to shut down its own smartphone division . Devices that have already been produced should continue to receive software updates and customer service for a while, but since July of last year LG has been leaving the field to competitors such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Co.

Despite the end of smartphones: LG has already produced the first rollable phones

Now, however, evidence has surfaced that LG’s rollable smartphone was a reality, if only as a prototype, at least for a short time. A pixelated video shows the rollable in action and gives a small foretaste of the next step in display technology. Because in addition to LG, other manufacturers also seem to be at least toying with the idea of a rollable smartphone display: In mid-2021, a patent application for a “Galaxy Z Roll” from Samsung appeared, which according to Leaker Ice Universe should be released this year. Oppo has also already shown a working rollable prototype, which we were even allowed to hold in our own hands.


The hands-on video for the LG Rollable shows how far the development of this technology has progressed. The device shown is supposed to increase from 6.8 to 7.4 inches, but the screen remains a little smaller when unrolled than, for example, in foldable models.