This week, the first July updates rolled out for various devices from Samsung and Google, among others. It was a pretty quiet week for the rest. You will of course find all updates neatly in a row in this overview!

The Android security update overview from week 27 – 2022

Android Planet keeps you informed every day about smartphones that receive updates. This usually concerns devices that receive a version update, for example if they are updated to Android 11 or Android 12.

Do you want to know when your smartphone will receive such an update? Then take a look at our Android 11 update overview , or the Android 12 update overview . Here we keep track of which smartphones receive an Android version update and when.

In addition to version updates, there are also security updates. These are less spectacular (because they don’t add any new features), but just as important. Security updates ensure that your smartphone remains safe by keeping malicious things like adware , malware and other viruses at bay. Manufacturers release security updates throughout the year. For the sake of completeness, we therefore collect them in this overview.My smartphone is not listed, now what?

No worries! It is very possible that your device is not in the list. Android updates roll out throughout the year, so maybe it will be included in the next edition.

Even if your smartphone is in the overview, you may have to be patient. It usually takes a few days to a week for a new Android update to reach all instances.

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Finally, we would like to thank the readers. We cannot make this overview without your useful tips. Speaking of which: did you receive an update, but it’s not in the list? Let us know in the comments below this article. Then we add the update.