With a lot of patience, Google has managed to establish the Chrome OS operating system and Chromebooks , with the year 2020 in particular bringing an extreme upswing. But after many millions of Chromebooks were sold at the beginning of the pandemic, demand fell rapidly and, according to market researchers, is expected to continue to collapse until the end of the year.

Due to the pandemic, many people had to switch to the home office for the first time from 2020, from employees to students, so that a lot of equipment had to be purchased – including computers, of course. It was the big year of Chromebooks because they’re powerful, relatively easy to use, and affordable. Sales grew 300 percent in the pandemic year, with more than 30 million Chromebooks sold in 2020 alone.

But that boom didn’t last long, and Chromebook sales in 2021 fell 37 percent again. According to an analysis by Gartner , this should continue this year and the sales figures will fall by a further 30 percent by the end of the year. The overall computing market is forecast to fall 9.5 percent, with PCs forecast to fall just 3 percent, Macs to remain stable and Chromebooks to drag the overall stats down.


It is well known that market researchers’ crystal balls are not always right, but I think that this trend is understandable. It’s no wonder that Google is now focusing more on tablets, which can also compete with Chromebooks depending on where they are used.