This system will begin to have improvements so that wireless hearing aids have more powers and quality.

Bluetooth will have improvements in the short term | Photo: Unsplash

Bluetooth improvements are ready for technology companies to start implementing them in their products and users can have better usage options, with higher quality and tools.

The update of this system is carried out by the association of companies in charge of managing and improving the Bluetooth protocol, so this new specification will be called Bluetooth LE Audio and we will surely see it in operation at the end of this year.


Audio will be better soon

The technical basis of these improvements is that there is a new codec, which is a mathematical algorithm developed to compress and decompress information, which is much more efficient, since it occupies a smaller space (transmission speed and lower consumption) without lose quality.

In practice, this is essential for wireless headphones, because there will be greater efficiency in the transmission of information, and with that, better audio quality and greater autonomy so that the charge lasts longer.

Another key point in this entire panorama is a new technology called Auracast, which will allow multiple devices to connect to the same audio source. So you can be at home watching TV with your partner and each one with a pair of headphones or in a museum connect several devices to take a guided tour.

 Each user will be able to connect to this kind of common station in a similar way to connecting to a Wi-Fi network. You will also be able to scan a QR code or pose the phone in an NFC contactless socket.


When will this upgrade be available?

All this will depend on each manufacturer. The technology is already designed and it will be up to each brand to set the pace of implementation for LE audio. In addition, it will be important to know if there will be updates to the products that are already on the market to integrate this improvement or if they will do it only for the new ones.

The association in charge of Bluetooth believes that by the end of this year they will begin to see their arrival on the market, beginning to impose a new standard.