The 22H2 update for Windows 11 has been rolled out in the Windows Insider Preview Channel.  

Windows 11’s next major update, 22H2, is now available in Windows Insider’s Preview Channel. That means that the update is not far from a public rollout and you can expect the 22H2 update this summer.


The new update will contain several minor innovations. Task Manager will now also have support for dark mode and the beloved drag & drop feature will return to the Windows 11 taskbar. The 22H2 update also brings the option to create folders for applications in the start menu. Finally, there is also a new accessibility function that should enable live captioning.

Windows Insider: how do you get access?

Do you also want access to the latest updates that have not yet been rolled out publicly? Then you can sign up for the Windows Insider program on your Windows device. Insider is available for both Windows 10 and 11. Here you will find the instructions .