With Guest Star, Twitch has introduced a new tool for creative people. It allows “simple, safe and fun” to integrate guests into the stream. Third-party applications are no longer necessary, only a Twitch account for the invited person is required. The limit is five invitees.

From the summer, Guest Star will initially be made available to a smaller group. In the course of this, one would like to collect a little feedback before the feature is to be distributed to all creators “later in the year”.

With Guest Star, Twitch is responding to the fact that “just chatting content” is becoming more and more popular on Twitch. It is the fastest growing category. As part of these talk formats, there is a lot of interaction with the community, which should make it easier and more stable.

Guest Star works with OBS and also Twitch Studio. In principle, this is a simple video chat, so you don’t have to resort to third-party providers. Up to five guests can join a stream both on the desktop and on the smartphone. Viewers can raise their hands to indicate their interest in joining the stream. Various interactive game shows could benefit from this. Guest windows can be overlayed and branded.

As I mentioned earlier, a Twitch account is required. Accordingly, violations of the terms of use can also be reported directly to Twitch and “punished” by Twitch. Stream creators or moderators can use insight into phone verification, account age and status to keep potentially unwanted guests out in the first place. If you were wrong in your feeling, a mouse click is enough for creators and moderators alike and a guest is removed from the stream – even without a reason.

A feature that the Twitch users among you wished for. Or can you start with less? At the start we will certainly let you know again, let’s see how long the corresponding test phase will last.

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