Microsoft gives Edge an edge by making special Xbox Game Pass features available only through the browser.

Of course, Microsoft wants everyone to use all possible services of the tech giant. Getting someone to join Xbox Game Pass isn’t that hard; it’s a brilliant investment for gamers. But why would you want to stream games specifically through Microsoft Edge? Microsoft has come up with something for that.

Microsoft gives Xbox Game Pass an Edge

Microsoft Edge will get some exclusive features for the Game Pass, including the ability to stream games with extra good graphics. As subscribers know, countless games can be streamed via the app or a browser. But the quality of the stream is not always good, depending on the internet connection.

With Clarity Boost, one of the Edge-exclusive features, streaming images should “sharpen and look clearer, ” according to Microsoft . It’s not clear how the tech giant managed to do this, and we’ll just have to wait for tests to see if there’s any real difference.

In addition, Xbox Game Pass users via Edge get a personalized home screen with news, highlights, guides, streams and other gaming-related widgets.

Finally, Microsoft has built an efficiency mode into Edge. When the browser launches an Xbox Game Pass game through Windows 10 or 11, the processing power required by the browser is scaled back.