PS5: The 1TB WD Black SSD is back on sale!

If you are desperately looking for a solution to free up space on your computer, we have the device for you! Indeed, it is a new promotional storage medium that is available to you this weekend. Here is the WD Black SN850 1TB SSD available at €136.99.

The WD Black SN850 SSD in two words:

  • An internal SSD with 1TB of storage
  • Super fast read and write speeds
  • A clear dashboard to allow you to configure everything

A very affordable storage solution

Let’s quickly go over the terms and conditions in effect at Amazon. The WD Black SN850 SSD will arrive free of charge at your home or at a collection point. Payment in four instalments (i.e. €35.02 per installment) is available if you prefer to spread the amount requested over several monthly installments. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for 5 years and accidental damage insurance is offered as an option against €2.19 for 2 years or €3.09 for 3 years coverage.

The Amazon Prime benefits (free trial then €5.99/month or €49/year) are compatible with this item, which can arrive at your home within barely one working day. Returns will be made at no additional cost if the product has not yet been used. Finally, the SSD that interests us today is also available in its 500 GB (89 €) and 2 TB (284.99 €) versions.

WD Black SN850: an SSD for all uses

But let’s go back to the 1 TB copy that we are going to highlight in this good plan. With such storage, you will be able to keep your games, photos, software and any other files without any problem. Next-generation PCIe technology will optimize stored content for better performance. This internal M.2 2280 SSD boasts extremely fast processing speeds including up to 7000 MB/s read and 5300 MB/s write. All items will load in a flash!

This SSD designed by Western Digital will also demonstrate excellent durability. You will be able to launch it on a daily basis and over several years without ever being the victim of a technical problem. In addition, the WD dashboard is free to download to your computer to customize and control the device during a game, for example.

Keep your data safe

So to speak, the WD Black SN850 really has it all. It will constantly support you in your games in order to improve their performance. However, if you want to compare this model with the competition, here is our selection of the best SSDs of the moment.