Apple announced iOS 16 last Monday and that means all kinds of new features are coming to your iPhone. For example, the Mail app gets some new options that will make you think: how did I ever manage without it? The features also come to the Mail app on the Mac, in macOS Ventura, by the way. These are the best innovations in Mail!

1) Revoke an email

It happens to everyone sometimes: you send an email and think: oh no, I forgot something. Or there’s a mistake. No problem: you have ten seconds to withdraw an email that you have just sent and to double check (or cancel it completely).

2) Never forget an attachment again

Withdraw an email? This is useful if you realize that you have forgotten the attachment. Ho wait: that’s a bad example! Because in iOS 16 you also get a warning if your iPhone suspects that an attachment is missing.

3) Schedule an email

For the people who send an endless email on Friday afternoon at four o’clock that causes your colleague stress throughout the weekend: you can also schedule an email for a moment somewhere in the future. Hold the send button longer and pick a better time. Monday morning just after the coffee break, we suggest.

4) Snooze an email

Do you not have time for an incoming mail at the moment, but is it important? You can now snooze such a message: it will then appear again in your mailbox later.

5) Enriched Content

Mail looks more visually appealing through enriched content. For example, do you add a link? Then see a preview of it in the email. It makes clear at a glance what kind of website you are linking to. The enriched content is also visible in the improved search function: it shows previews of links and documents.

iOS 16 is coming

Last Monday, Apple presented iOS 16 during WWDC and everyone can download the new software this fall. Big new features will then come to your iPhone, for example a completely new lock screen .