Apple recently unveiled the M2, which powers the two new Mac models also unveiled at WWDC 2022. But the M2 is still based on a 5nm process, albeit an improved one. For the upcoming M2 Pro and M2 Max models, however, even smaller structure widths are needed. However, TSMC can no longer deliver this this year.

Apple had undoubtedly imagined this to be a little faster: the M2 is still based on a 5nm process. The reason: TSMC cannot reduce the structure widths as quickly as planned. However, the M2 Pro and its even more powerful brothers will almost certainly rely on a 3nm process. However, this is not yet available from TSMC.

When are the first M2 Pro Macs coming?

Because the largest contract manufacturer in the world will only be able to start mass production of 3nm chips towards the end of the year, analyst Jeff Pu writes in a note for investors.

So if TSMC goes into mass production of 3nm chips towards the end of the year, customers like Apple can only be supplied with these new chips in early 2023. A first Mac with M2 Pro could be a Mac Mini. As earlier forecasts showed, the M2 Pro should come with eight performance-optimized cores and four efficiency cores, giving it two more cores than the current M1 Pro.

The MacBook Pro, the iMac and the Mac Pro, of which it is currently not even remotely imaginable what its processor configuration could look like, will sooner or later be equipped with the M2 Pro, M2 Max and M2 Ultra. You can read in this message what the M2 that has just been presented can do . So much: Apple fulfills its own promises regarding increased performance.