The game may have been previously slated for September, but now seems to be targeting November.

God of War: Ragnarok appears to be slated for November, after there were earlier rumors that the game would be delayed to 2023.

Bloomberg reports that the highly anticipated sequel will receive a formal release date later this month, set to be one day in November. IGN (our American colleagues) have also been informed from sources that the game is slated for November.

The Bloomberg report also states that the game was previously scheduled to release in September, but was pushed back to November – and IGN has received this information as well. The original September spot has now been filled with the The Last of Us Part 1 remake announced yesterday.

After the game was announced for release in 2021, the return of Kratos and Atreus was delayed until this year. Then there were rumors that the game would be delayed even further.

As Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reports, internal release dates may change, leaving November uncertain – but it’s a good sign that the developers think they’ll be able to release the game by then.