The Fintech Curve has often been discussed in the blog. In particular, people who handle many different credit or debit cards are likely to have stumbled across it.

Curve is a “proxy MasterCard” to bundle various cards. In addition, all stored cards are made quick for mobile payment solutions such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Many banks are now represented there, but not all of them. Thanks to Curve, I use the Amazon credit card in Apple Pay, for example, which natively only speaks to Google Pay . The Curve Smart Rules were recently introduced, which are intended to automate the selection of the stored cards. In addition, there were cuts in fee-free currency conversions a few weeks ago .

All of the above is completely free at Curve with more or less limitations. However, Curve has now reconsidered its pricing and will limit the free Curve card more in the future.

Only one of the new Smart Rules is possible and only up to 2 payment cards can be stored. The “Back in Time” feature, which allows you to switch debits to another card within 30 days, is only possible three times a month. In addition, business credit cards can only be deposited with Curve with premium subscriptions. Other limitations? For foreign expenses, only 1000 euros per month are free of charge.

Said limitations will come into force in the next 60 days. Customers are currently being informed about this step via email. You can read the changed terms of use here .

With the introduction of a third subscription option, “Curve X”, which is subject to a fee, the aim is to make it easier to get started with the subscription. cost point? 4.99 euros per month. Up to 5 stored cards are possible here, 60 days “back in time” – without limitations on the number. Foreign payments are here up to 2000 euros per month without fees. During the transition phase, current customers are being offered an upgrade for EUR 1.99 per month for a whole year.

The subscription levels Curve Black and Curve Metal are also offered for EUR 9.99 a month and EUR 14.99 a month, respectively, at the conditions listed above.