Sonos Software Update 14.6.2 only solves problems sometimes!(source:

An update with version 14.6 was released for Sonos in mid-April. The first error messages from the community came quite quickly.

Sonos update without changelogs!

The 14.6 update also added some bugs. The community reported that the rear speakers no longer work due to the update. At first it was said that the problem was known. After Sonos seemed to have no solution, Sonos backtracked and claimed they couldn’t find a general problem

Sonos Beam (Gen 2). The smart soundbar for TV, music and more (source: amazon

So far so good. But it is curious that version 14.6.1 and even 14.6.2 have been released. Mind you, without changelogs. Now you’re probably wondering if the problems have been fixed. Partly, says the community. This is of course annoying.

Do you know that? When an update is supposed to help you, it only causes problems. I mean, it’s a complicated topic, but the updates should still be checked properly. The topic is not over yet.

If you have Sonos devices, it is still recommended to install the latest 14.6.2 software. I am also very sure that Sonos is still working on the solution.