After learning many new games like Agreed , Senuas Saga: Hellplate 2 or Decomposition stage 3 Developed with Unreal Engine 5, today we have the opportunity to see more capabilities of the graphic engine. Watch out, cool!

Diversified biomes with amazing graphics

For years, Epic Games has been promoting its graphics engine in great detail. Ads, free usage, free assets, ease of use and technical prowess have made this machine one of the best graphics engine specs.

With the implementation of the Quixel Library in 2020, a large number of high-quality assets will be readily available and many artists have started testing the machine. Unreal Engine 5 was only recently released to the general public, but impressive videos have already started to proliferate on Youtube.

Created by artists, this new exhibition takes us to different lands with very different graphic styles. Whatever the context of the screen, it can only be exciting to see such lavish panoramas. The first technical videos of the new engine that lack art can now be seen in its full potential.

The artists behind this project have set themselves a challenge: to create a coherent, graphically luxurious and real-time universe. The most impressive fact is that each of these situations was created individually in 3 days and by only 3 people. The key is to wait for the games to take full advantage of them again! Back in April, we at least learned that 8 Xbox Studios were working on Unreal Engine 5 .

Finally, note that these videos are “just” assets with good lighting and other rendering techniques, but this in no way reflects the problem of the game, which has to handle a lot of things dynamically. That is, characters, physics, artificial intelligence, missions and other unforeseen events.