Google is apparently on the right track with its Pixel smartphones. In North America, the group was able to record growth of almost 400 percent within a year thanks to the Pixel 6 models. In Great Britain, too, things went uphill.

After the first five generations of Pixel smartphones, none of which sold very well, Google apparently did a lot right with the sixth generation. At least that’s what the smartphone sales figures for the first quarter of 2022 from market researchers Canalys for North America and IDC for Great Britain indicate. Google made it into the top 5 in both countries.

Google on course for growth with Pixel 6

Google boss Sundar Pichai had already commented on the positive response to the new Pixel generation on several occasions. Most recently, in the course of the announcement of the Pixel 6a at the Google I/O 2022, he said that the Pixel 6 series (test) had already sold better than the predecessors Pixel 4 (test) and Pixel 5 (test) over their entirety total lifetime.

These hitherto vague statements without mentioning any sales figures on the part of Google are now underpinned by the market researchers Canalys and IDC. According to the surveys, Google made it into the top five smartphone manufacturers for the first time in both North America and Great Britain in the first quarter of 2022.

The smartphone market in the first quarter of 2022 in North America. (Graphic: Canalys/t3n)

According to the Canalys report , Google shipped 1.2 million units in North America in the first quarter of 2022, up from 0.2 million units in the same quarter last year. The company’s market share grew a whopping 380 percent, beating second-place Lenovo, which achieved growth of 56 percent.

According to IDC, Google sold 164,000 units in Great Britain in the first quarter of 2022 and is gradually closing in on Nokia manufacturers HMD Global (211,000) and Oppo (206,000). It should not be forgotten that the two companies offer a larger range of models.

Pixel 6: Google is far behind Apple and Samsung

If you look at the numbers in relation to the big players Apple and Samsung, Google is still far behind with its Pixel models. In the first quarter alone, Apple and Samsung were able to sell almost 20 and 10 million units, respectively, of their numerous smartphone models in North America.

Nevertheless, it shows that Google takes the hardware business seriously and wants to expand it further in the long term. The fact that Google took the I/O 2022 as an opportunity not only to announce the Pixel 6a , but also to give a foretaste of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro , which will not be released until autumn, indicates an ambitious hardware strategy .

Canalys research analyst Runar Bjørhovde also recognizes Google’s market offensive: “Google is going on the offensive to capture market share, building on its broad carrier presence and unprecedented investments in the Pixel brand, both in traditional advertising campaigns and in a new one NBA partnership”. He continues: “The company focused on the Pixel 6 in the first quarter but will continue to expand for the rest of the year with a recently launched portfolio that includes the upcoming flagship Pixel 7, affordable Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch and which includes Pixel Buds.”

With the Pixel 6a, which is priced below the October Pixel 6 models at €459, Google should be able to gain further market share. Even the Pixel 4a (test) helped Google to boost its sales figures a little.